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Model S Firmware

How to upgrade firmware:

1. Download the firmware named TrimuiUpdateV*.zip.

2. Copy the firmware zip file to SD card (by USB SD card reader), mount into Game device, turn on power.

3. Open filebrowser, find update package files named TrimuiUpdateV*.zip. Press A to perform update and wait for the new trimui menu.

4. We suggest a 'Factory Reset' or 'Refreshing Rom.'

5. Reboot and enjoy.

download          (update: 2020.11.29)      (update: 2020.12.20)     (update: 2021.02.09)     (update: 2023.01.08)     (update: 2023.09.17 for old device 0.87~0.105)     (update: 2023.09.17  for verion 0.106/0.107)



Factory Recovery



1. Connect to PC via USB cable, turn off the machine,eject SD card.

2. Launch PhonenixSuit PC updating tool.

3.  Click firmware,open an package '.img' file in PhonenixSuit's file browser

4. Make sure machine was turned off. Press and hold "L" and "R" buttons at the same time, then turn on the machine. The machine will boot into USB recovery mode (with blank screen). PhonenixSuit will detect and find a pending device automatically.

5. PhonenixSuit will prompt you to update. Select "Yes" to start upgrading.

6.Please wait until the flashing is completed before unplugging the machine.(about 3 minutes).

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download   (update: 2021.01.04) (update: 2021.01.27) (update: 2021.02.09)

 Trimui_Factory_Recovery_model_S_dark_V0.106_en.7z  (update: 2023.01.08)

 Trimui_Factory_Recovery_model_S_dark_V0.107.7z (update: 2023.09.13)

 Trimui_Factory_Recovery_model_S_dark_V0.108.7z (update: 2023.09.17)



SD Storage Patch



TRIMUI Model S firmware release note:

ver 0.108, 20230917


 * fixed:  refresh roms issue.


ver 0.107, 20230216

 * added:  Search function.

 * added:  Grid view support.


 * added:  Themes.


ver 0.106, 20230108

 * added: BOE ILI9342 LCD support.(factory PhoenixSuit image only)

 * added: External Emulator/Applicaion support, using config.json.

 * added: Roms path secondary directory support, for roms catalogs.





          for preview photo, both:

          "Imgs/FC/contra.png" and 



          Or according to config.json, please check document TRIMUI_ModelS_how_to_build_SD.pdf

Or check

 * modify: Speed up of game list.

 * modify: Enable ADB by default.




ver 0.105, 20210209

 * added: multi-language translations (Portuguese/Spanish/Japanese/Korean/English/Chinese-S/T).

 * added: PSX, more internal resolution support


ver 0.104, 20210125

 * bug fix: LCD driver for screen tearing(fix bug from Linux kernel, only support USB Factory Recovery)

 * added:   screen stretching in GB/SFC


ver 0.101, 20210104

 * bug fix: LCD timming for bottom line

 * bug fix: remove SFC display virtual console

 * bug fix: FC load state slot error

 * bug fix: FC hang in stress testing

 * bug fix: Volume did not saved when tune & shutdown immediately

 * modify:  partition size modified for kernel


ver 0.95, 20201129

 * modify: default key layout

 * added:    key map rotate (90 degree) option